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Having a child and deciding when and with whom to take this important step is a matter of individual choice. The same holds true for a termination of pregnancy (abortion).

pro:woman is your first address for counseling on the subjects family planning, contraception, termination of pregnancy / abortion and vasectomy.
The longstanding experience of our clinic’s staff members and doctors will guarantee you a competent and professional handling of your concerns – even in very difficult stages of your life.

When it comes to family planning, contraception, termination of pregnancy / abortion and vasectomy we offer you:
• Detailed counseling, free of charge
• State of the art medical treatment
• Individual appointment-making
• Guaranteed anonymity
• Comfortable atmosphere


Termination of pregnancy

If you consider a termination of pregnancy / abortion you may find detailed information concerning your possibilities helpful. Family and friends can also help you make your decision for or against a termination of pregnancy / abortion, as well as counselling services or doctors.

Pregnancy calculator

Are you pregnant and would like to find out which week of pregnancy you are currently in? Use our tool to calculate the progress of your pregnancy.


Callback service

We are happy to help and advise you in your living situation. Use our callback service – we will get back to you as soon as possible.


    The ideal contraception – You decide!

    An unwanted pregnancy and a resulting termination of pregnancy / abortion can be avoided to the greatest possible extent. Therefore use the right kind of contraception!

    Here you can read up on the most common methods of contraception available today.

    Male vasectomy

    In the course of the last 20 years the vasectomy has become increasingly important. More and more men decide to have a vasectomy, this modern form of contraception, and thereby take responsibility for family planning. They see the vasectomy as alternative to the conventional “female” methods of contraception.

    At the pro:woman centre for vasectomy doctors and counsellors are at your disposal who have the long-time experience of thousands of well-performed vasectomies.


    Our services

    First-class state-of-the-art medical and psychological support provided by our experienced experts

    Quick, unbureaucratic aid with psychological and medical services

    Appointments individually and on short notice, also in the evening and on weekends

    Day hospital treatment

    Options of method selection

    Guaranteed anonymity

    Abortion conducted by experienced gynaecologists

    Accompanying counselling on contraception after the abortion

    Preventive counselling on contraception for every woman

    Psychological follow-up support if required