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Vasectomy – You are safe with us!

Today there are only two ways for a man to take responsibility for contraception: the condom or sterilisation (vasectomy, ligation of the spermatic ducts). In the course of the last 20 years the vasectomy has become increasingly important. More and more men decide to have a vasectomy, this modern form of contraception, and thereby take responsibility for family planning. They see the vasectomy as alternative to the conventional “female” methods of contraception.

Men who choose to have a vasectomy do this for different reasons: It is often men who live in a stable relationship, already have children with their partner and together with her reach the decision that they don’t want any more children. Another common reason for a man to have a vasectomy is the strain put on a woman’s health by long-term use of hormonal contraceptives. However, more and more men decide on their own that they don’t want any (more) children and view the vasectomy as the ideal way to enjoy a responsible and unburdened sexual life.

At the pro:woman centre for vasectomy doctors and counsellors are at your disposal who have the long-time experience of thousands of well-performed vasectomies.
The renowned and experienced team of doctors and counsellors at pro:woman have been informing and consulting women and men for more than 30 years on the topics family planning and contraception.


Vasectomy basic knowledge

Even though a reconstructive surgery is principally possible and in many cases even successful, a vasectomy should be carefully thought over.

Vasectomy basic knowledge

Should the wish to father a child arise at a later time, sperm cells can be extracted and stored (frozen) prior to the vasectomy. However, even after the vasectomy has already taken place, sperm cells continue to be produced and can be extracted from the epididymis at any time to induce in-vitro fertilisation.

Vasectomy basic knowledge

Generally every man who has reached his 25th birthday is entitled to have a vasectomy. There is no need for any other person’s consent. Men under the age of 25 are prohibited by law to have a vasectomy.

The vasectomy

The vasectomy is a simple and short surgery (without the use of a scalpel) which is performed under local anaesthesia. The vasectomy bears no discernible change for the man whatsoever – neither physical nor sexual!

For this exceptionally reliable method of contraception the spermatic ducts have to be ligated. Because the ejaculate consists to 95% of prostate fluid and only to 5% of sperm cells, the treatment has no visible or perceptible effect on ejaculation.

The ligation of the spermatic ducts also has no influence on the hormonal balance, the erectile capacity, potency, libido or ability to love. On the contrary: The fear of an unwanted pregnancy is eliminated after a vasectomy, enabling you and your partner to enjoy a more spontaneous and liberated sexuality.

Medical details

The sperm cells are formed inside the testicles and assemble and mature inside the epididymis until they are capable of fertilization. Through the spermatic ducts they reach the seminal vesicle and from there the prostate where they join up with the seminal fluid.


During vasectomy the spermatic ducts are severed and ligated. Thus the sperm cells’ path is blocked, preventing them from reaching the seminal fluid inside the seminal vesicle.


It takes approximately 16 weeks after the vasectomy for the ejaculate to be completely free from sperm cells and therefore for the man to become infertile. Still, sperm cells continue to form inside the testicles but are continuously metabolised inside the epididymis by the body’s own cells. There is no discernible change of the ejaculate (amount, consistency) because it only consists of 5% sperm cells and 95% seminal fluid.

The surgery

At our pro:woman centre for vasectomy we use the latest operational technique, the so-called “no-scalpel-vasectomy”. This is a knife- and incision-less technique for the ligation of the spermatic ducts during which practically no blood is spilled and no scars are left behind.


After the introduction of the local anaesthesia (no general anaesthesia, keeping the strain on your body as small as possible!) special instruments are used to bloodlessly isolate and sever the spermatic ducts. The required opening of the skin is small enough not to have to be sutured.


The surgery is uncomplicated and only takes approximately 20 minutes. Altogether you don’t have to spend more than 1 hour at our centre. Generally you are fit to resume work on the following day.After a vasectomy you should rest physically for about a week. This includes sexual activities.

Sperm analysis as verification

After the vasectomy:
Infertility and with it contraceptive protection is not effective right after the vasectomy. Only when the ejaculate is completely free of sperm cells, which can take approximately 16 weeks after the vasectomy, infertility is in effect. Until that time additional contraception has to be used.


12 weeks after the vasectomy a sperm analysis (spermiogram, microscopic examination of the ejaculate) has to be performed. Therefore a sperm sample has to be provided. The examination will determine whether any more sperm cells are present within the ejaculate. Another sample has to be examined another 4 weeks later. After two consecutive negative samples (free of sperm cells) additional contraceptives can be dispatched for good.

Its safety

Together with female sterilisation the vasectomy is the most reliable method of contraception. Still, even though a vasectomy is performed flawlessly a re-canalisation (re-permeability of the spermatic ducts) can occur in very rare cases, re-establishing fertilisation. The probability of this event lies at 0.02%.


Caution: The vasectomy does not provide protection from sexually transmitted diseases and HIV!

pro:woman centre for vasectomy

Vasectomy – experience is important!
We founded our centre for vasectomy in 1994 and since then have performed more than 10,000 vasectomies. pro:woman’s urologists have a decade-long experience with the “no-scalpel vasectomy”. Our clients stand for the success of our centre for vasectomy.


Our experts are happy to answer all your questions.

Vasectomy: questions and answers

Do I have to already have children to be allowed to have a vasectomy?
No. Once a man has reached his 25th birthday he is entitled to have a vasectomy, no matter if and how many children he already has.


Does health insurance cover a vasectomy?
No. Because a vasectomy is a voluntary surgery, health insurance doesn’t cover its price or a sick-leave.


Does a vasectomy require a preliminary urological examination?
No, only if there have been any former surgeries or relevant medical conditions in the uro-genital area. Please inform us before the vasectomy takes place.


Can I preserve sperm cells prior to the vasectomy?
Yes, different medical institutions provide sperm banks where sperm cells can be preserved (frozen) indefinitely. However, even after the vasectomy has already taken place, sperm cells continue to be formed and can therefore be extracted from the epididymis at any time to induce in-vitro fertilisation. You can receive more detailed information on this or any related subject at our pro:woman centre for vasectomy.


Does the vasectomy have any impact on the level of testosterone?
No, the vasectomy has no influence on the hormonal balance.


Is the vasectomy very painful?
No, the surgery is carried out under local anaesthesia and therefore completely pain-free.


When can I have sexual intercourse or masturbate again after the vasectomy?
Approximately one week later. The important thing is to make sure that you and your partner continue to use effective contraception until the ejaculate is completely free of sperm cells. To determine that, we perform microscopic examinations of the ejaculate.


Is a reconstructive surgery possible?
Yes, in general a microscopic reconstructive surgery is possible. However, a 100% guarantee that you will regain your fertility cannot be granted because this depends on a number of factors (elapsed time after the vasectomy, state of the ligated spermatic ducts, etc.).

pro:woman – centre for vasectomy

Vasectomy – experience is important!
We founded our centre for vasectomy in 1994 and since then have performed more than 10,000 vasectomies. pro:woman’s urologists have a decade-long experience with the “no-scalpel vasectomy”. Our clients stand for the success of our centre for vasectomy.

Our experts are happy to answer all your questions.

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This is what men have reported after the vasectomy.

Christian S., 47, Wiener Neustadt

Dear pro:woman team!

Today marks four weeks since my vasectomy and everything is done. That is a nice feeling; I can only recommend the same thing to any man if he decides to stop having children for whatever reason.

Once again a big thank you, greetings to the team and have a wonderful summer!

Robert B., 44, Vienna

Why vasectomy? I probably have a similar past to thousands of other men. In my youth, my girlfriends and later my wife used the pill. After the birth of our children, my wife switched to the coil of her own free will. Contraception has always been a woman’s business – almost by default. By chance, I heard about the vasectomy and started thinking about it. After discussions with urologists and affected persons, I decided to do it, since I/we have no further desire to have children but nevertheless would like to have sex. It finally offers me an opportunity to make a contribution here.


Where? Through the internet I came across the “No-Scalpel-Vasectomy”-method and later also pro:woman.


How? First, there was a friendly conversation with the urologist, where he again questioned my conviction regarding this step, and then he explained the method. On the agreed date, shortly before the procedure, there was another little doubt when signing the waiver. What can happen there? The procedure went off without any problems/pain, and quickly. After 20 minutes I just went home. Afterwards I spent a quiet evening with a book and TV, but I did not have to go to bed. There was no reason at all to do so. In the following days I noticed that some pants were a little tighter than expected. But actual pain is another matter. There is certainly no comparison to what women sometimes have to endure month after month.


Summary after vasectomy:
Sex still works just as well as before. Nothing happened to my “most important” part.

I can certainly recommend vasectomy to anyone who no longer wishes to have children and wants to spare their wife or girlfriend hormonal issues, a painful procedure or the risk of pregnancy.

Michael P., 39, Vienna

I myself am 39 years old and had a vasectomy performed in January 2007. After our family planning was completed and my wife could no longer tolerate the pill, we started to think about alternatives. My wife once said, actually more in fun, that I could have myself sterilized. After about a year’s pause for reflection, I finally decided to have a vasectomy performed. The urologist’s consultation was very competent – I really had the feeling that the doctor “knew what he was talking about.” The operation itself was short (about 20 minutes) and the pain was bearable (of course it was not pleasant, but there is worse). Three months after the vasectomy I still had a check-up because I had an unpleasant pulling sensation in the groin area. But it was only part of the healing process and was gone after another week. Our sex life has absolutely benefited from it – it is freer and more spontaneous. I can recommend a vasectomy to any man. The operation is bearable, as is the slight pain afterwards, and one’s partner also benefits from it.

Klaus S., 60, Matrel

I, today aged 60, had a vasectomy done almost 28 years ago. Immediately after our thirdchild was born, my wife’s mental health problems began. For all the world, I – and my wife – did not want to have any more children. After consultation with a urologist, I gave myself 1 year to think about it. A year later, I underwent a vasectomy. Any toothache hurts infinitely more!!! It was and is a  child’s play.


What I actually want to say: It is a pity that most men have no idea how pleasant and beautiful one’s sex life is with the knowledge that “nothing can happen anyway.” One’s masculinity does not suffer at all after a vasectomy. I am still glad that I took this step and can definitely recommend it to every man.



I am 56 years old now and have been sterilized for 21 years. My wife could not tolerate the pill any more and I did not want to use condoms so we decided on a vasectomy. It was already decided that I would do it after the second child. There was an odd feeling on the day of the surgery – now my virility is gone


– but it was a great decision that I never regretted. Sex any time without hesitation – awesome

Werner K., Vienna

Ladies and gentlemen!

I came across your website by chance in the newspaper “Heute” and looked it over in detail, including vasectomy, of course. What I read was nothing new to me, since I had one done 30 years ago (at that time in the Wilheminenspital). During the entire time thereafter I have had not the slightest problem in the genital area, and sexual experiences ARE  undisturbed as well (meanwhile, I am 68 years old). Surprisingly, I had heard very little feedback about this topic from men in the past, so I feel vasectomy education should be intensified. I think if anyone has a problem with it, it’s in their head and not in their testicles.

I wanted to tell you this and offer my kind regards Werner K

Christian T.

I send warm greetings to the pro:woman institute team after the short procedure about 2 weeks ago and am reporting briefly my impressions of this step; first of all: if I had known how uncomplicated a vasectomy would have been, I would have decided on it a little earlier; I am now 33 years old, have 2 sons ages 7 and 10 years;


My partner and I already agreed with the birth of our younger son that the family planning was finished; about 6 months before the vasectomy, a colleague drew my attention to this option, used his testimonials, as well as some (reliable) pages on the Internet, including an interview with a doctor on YouTube (something similar would be my suggestion to pro:woman!);the clarity of the decision, as well as the sound preliminary information, made implementation a lot easier for me; the appointments were made quickly – the waiting time was only a few days; the vasectomy itself was done in a few minutes; as for the fear that local anesthetic could lead to more severe pain, I can say in retrospect that the effect was (at least for me) nominally painful, as if someone stepped on my toes; even in the days following the procedure, no real pain, sometimes a slight pulling, which then disappeared again; all in all, I can recommend the step in good conscience!With best regards,